Friday, February 10, 2012

The Spheres

When the driveway was poured Lovey had them pour several of these niches along one side of the driveway. 

There are three of them and each is 4' x 4'.  (this photo is looking down the driveway towards the street).  That's our neighbor's home across the street.  Their yard is so beautiful and manicured and they have lovely gardens.

I can stand at our kitchen window and gaze out on their pretty landscaping.  I hope ours isn't too much of an eye sore for them to look at. 

Lovey found these to place there.  I kind of liked them as architectural objects by themselves.  They are actually planters but the opening is a small one so it gives the appearance of being solid.  If I painted them red you might feel like you're at Target.

We planted a Sky Pencil Holly (ilex crenata 'Sky Pencil') in each pot.
We liked these because they are evergreen and require very little maintenance.  They can grow 10' but we'll keep them trimmed shorter, probably to 5'.

We dressed them up a little for the holidays.

Come Spring I'll plant some potato vines to cascade down the sides.