Monday, September 17, 2012

Vitex Montrose Purple

This was our sunset last night.  The mild temperatures and rain we've been blessed with this week past has put me in the mind set of planting new shrubs and trees, as well as getting my bulb order together for the fall.

This weekend I bought two Vitex 'agnus-castus'.  These are also known as Chaste Trees and Texas Lilacs.  I have wanted a Chaste Tree ever since I saw them in full bloom lining the entry drive to the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine.  They reminded me of big, giant Budlias, or butterfly bushes.  The flowers on this tree is what I love the most.

The variety of my Vitex is Montrose Purple which produce large 8 - 12 inch purple panicles.  Mine are small shrub-size right now but they'll grow fast.  You can grow them as large shrubs or trim to grow as small trees.  They will quickly grow to 10-20 feet tall.  I plan to limb them up and grow them as trees.

Other positives about this tree is that, once established, they are drought tolerant.  The foliage is fragrant.  Bees love 'em, deer don't.

For those of you who are into holistic health practices, you might find it interesting that an extract made from Vitex supposedly controls PMS.  Which means any of you guys out there who have to endure such punishment every 28 days might want to consider planting a couple of these.

This is what I hope mine will look like one day. (photo from website)