Friday, July 26, 2013


Tecoma stans.  Also known as Esperanza, Yellow Bells, Yellow Elder & Hardy Yellow Trumpet.  It dons large yellow trumpet-shaped flowers.  And how it blooms!  I got to enjoy three seasons of blooming this past year; spring, summer and autumn.

This shrub was a delight in the garden.  It thrived through the heat and drought and tripled in size from the time I planted it.

The flowers have a pleasing fragrance although a little different.  The Indians made bows from its wood, and in Mexico a beer was prepared from its roots; it has also been used for a variety of medicines.

The flowers also provide nectar for bees.

There are several bumble bees who have claimed this as their eating establishment.  I think this is his happy hour.

This was supposed to have been winter hardy here in Fort Worth but, alas, it never came back this past Spring.  I have truly missed it in the garden this summer.

Surprisingly Lovey didn't care for it.  I don't understand why but I'm going to plant another one next year anyway; perhaps in a different spot where he won't have to look at it.