Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Cleaning 2014

The house is not the only thing that gets a thorough cleaning each Spring.  The garden is much more labor intensive when it comes to Spring cleaning.

It can be pretty nasty work but it's worth it when you also have these coming up.  These little snowbells are one of my favorite bulbs.

These little Tete a Tete miniature daffodils are only about 1-1/2" across.

Here's the ugly in the garden right now.  This huge Lambs Ear really took a hit with the frigid winter we had but it's greening up.  It's in desperate need of cleaning out.

After pulling out alot of the brownish grey dead leaves you can see the pale yellow of the new growth. It will get nice and green now that the sunlight can get to it.

The pink sedum is coming back nicely.  The only cleaning up required here was snipping off the lead stalks.

With the extra daylight I have now I can do a little each evening when I get home from work.