Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Peach of a Beginning

The Christmas before the house was finished our Christmas gift from my Father-in-law's girlfriend was money for a couple of peach trees.  One cannot live in Parker County and not have a peach tree.  C. and I sought out a local nursery and selected two peach trees.

One is a Texas Star peach that produces its fruit in July and the other is a Redskin Peach whose fruit emerges in August.  Both are freestone.  The nursery said it would be next year before we saw fruit; but that's OK.

 Looks like we have a real gopher problem doesn't it?

No worries.  They're only the holes we dug for the trees.  Now, when I say "dug" it was back breaking, pick axing, "wish we had a jack hammer" tough.  We desperately need some agricultural gypsum back here.

But, we got it done.  There was no "supplementing the soil" with cotton boll mulch; because there wasn't any good soil to begin with that came out of those holes.  We completely replaced the clay and filled the holes with good stuff that our little babies could thrive in; which did include some cotton boll mulch.

All staked down and ready for the upcoming March winds.  And, boy did they come; in March and April and May.  I felt as if I were back in west Texas.

As tough of an afternoon as it was I felt great.  We were both sore and feeling really old but we went to bed with such a feeling of accomplishment.  That feeling is one of the many rewards of gardening.

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