Friday, May 3, 2013

Nestling Update

Although I don't know the exact date each egg hatched, they are probably about two weeks old now.  They are growing and they are very loud, in a cute sort of way, whenever Mama or Papa comes bearing a meal.

It's still hard to tell just how many nestlings there are because I try not to linger over the nest for very long.  They have an awfully poopy nest don't they?  Whenever they have to do their business they stick their little hineys up over the edge of the nest and poop.  This is their way of keeping their living quarters clean.

Mama takes good care of her babies.

 I think I see four hungry mouths here but still not sure.  The one on the left is going to leap right out of the nest if he / she isn't careful.

Here is Papa.  He is a good help mate.  He will land on the chain or the basket and peruse the area before he hops down for the feeding.

Isn't the fern lovely?  Looks really nice hanging next to the other two that are, well.....alive. 

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