Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer Blooms

Here are a few things that have been blooming in the garden during June and the first part of July.

White and blue salvia

Tons of zinnias; all volunteers from last year's plants.

Caladiums in a big pot

African Violet (technically not in the garden - on the kitchen window sill)

The Cannas

I thinned them out drastically this year.  They were taking over.

I actually gave away three boxes to a local nursery up the road.  I hope they pot them up and make tons of money off of them!

Calla Lilies.  These have been my favorite new resident in the garden this year.

I planted them this Spring.

These are called Firedancer

I also love their foliage.  The white specks look as if they are actual holes that the light shines through.

Red Knockouts blooming after I cut them W-A-Y back this year.  They really needed it; they had grown to almost 5 feet high.


The moss rose comes up everywhere, all over the garden, every year.  I transplanted a bunch of seedlings to one big patch and planted some in a big pot and gave some away.  I love to pass plants on to others.  And I like receiving them too!

Lovey brought these geraniums home one day.  This is the first time I have planted geraniums in the ground.  I've always planted them in pots.  These are a bright electric orange and they are so visible from the road.

Planted a little potager in front of the knockouts this year.  This space has proved to be way too small for everything I planted.  I have parsley, basil, a Roma tomato, tarragon (from my sister's garden), oregano, jalapeno, and lemon verbena.  And...

these tiny little yellow and white striped petunias.  They are so petite.  The blooms are smaller that a quarter.

Last year Lovey brought home a sickly little coleus and it grew to be so big and beautiful so he wanted a lot of them this year.

So we bought several types of sun loving Coleus.  We decided this was not one of our favorites and probably won't plant this next year.

The little yellow ones are pretty but I don't think they are going to get as big as the burgundy and green variety.

 The gladiolas came back nicely this year.

 Like last year the grasshoppers are beginning to destroy the foliage.  Looks as if I've put the leaves through a shredder.  They are trying my patience.

Love this bright orange.

 And this orange

Is it obvious I am partial to orange?

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