Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Accidental Pumpkins

Aside from totally disrupting the planting structure of my front flower bed, the accidental pumpkin patch has produced a fine crop.  These are the first two; harvested the first week of August.

They're a nice size, around 9 to 10 inches across.  I don't know if they are good for cooking but I'll find out.  I plan to roast them and make soup.

There have been 10 to 11 pumpkins from this one plant.

The bees did their job well in pollinating.

The transition from green to orange has been interesting to watch.  I placed folded up newspaper underneath each young fruit to keep them from rotting on the ground (you can learn all sorts of things from YouTube)

I am amazed at how beautifully smooth and round these pumpkins have been.

I've noticed that the last few pumpkins that developed are getting smaller and smaller.

The plant can produce only so many fruit.
Evey visited week before last and we found a female flower that we self pollinated.  I'll be keeping track of that pumpkin for her.  It will most likely be a very small pumpkin as one of the last that the plant produces.

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