Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Summer Garden is Winding Down

The blooms of Summer are beginning to wane and look a little puny.

Yet more zinnias are popping up.  This pretty thing used to be a seed from a zinnia head I nicked from Stonewall Jackson's home garden in Lexington, Virginia last Fall.

Seed nicking from gardens has long been an obsession of mine.  Does that make me a bad person?

Looks like I will be able to enjoy the zinnias for awhile indoors.  Orange bouquets are brought in on Saturdays for my OSU Cowboys football games!

I don't have too many Fall blooming plants in my garden.  But the few I do have I love.  This is Sedum "Autumn Joy"

 The Liriope start showing off their pale purple flowers about this time of year.

 The coleus are feeling the cooler weather too and they are going into survival mode by wanting to flower and set seed.

They've actually been flowering for awhile now but I've been pinching them off the minute I see the flowers.

The flowers of the coleus are really pretty but once they start going to seed the plant itself starts to thin out and get really spindly looking; and not attractive at all.  I've been pinching the flowers out to stretch out the life of the plants.

I can feel a full day of Fall garden clean-up coming on.  Such is the change of seasons in the garden.

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